Sport e Natura
Slitte The orographic conformation of the Altopiano enabled the development of more than 300 km of cross-country ski runs.
Many international athletes train here for the competitions, on that same snow that, in 1996, housed the Jr. Northern Skiing World Championship for the second time.
While on one side of the mountain the territory spontaneously offers its lanscape for cross-country skiing, on the other side of it downhill Equitazione skiing is possible.
Here, the local operators were able to create other opportunities such as wonderful ski runs with different levels of difficulty.
All of this is obviously matched by marvellous extensive panoramas where the ski-lifts fit in perfectly.
The covering of artificial snow guarantees a white mantle in case of poor snowfalls.
Ski instructors are at your disposal and the bars and restaurants of the refuges are always ready to give refreshment and are situated next to the ski runs.
Horse riding on the snow, sledge-dog sleighing competitions and ice skating are just some of the winter activities that, along with skiing, accompany our guests throughout a really exciting holiday !

Pattinaggio e Hockey
Pattinaggio Ice skating is another traditional sport of the winter season and on the Altopiano it finds many different opportunities to be practiced : in Asiago there is a covered ice-rink which will shortly be completely indoor.
This structure is open for 10 months a year and, as long as you are willing to stand on sharp blades, it enables you to have fun even when the winter season has finished.
In the winter season where many natural rinks are formed it is possible to skate just for the fun of it.
What can be better than just to skate in the open air and enjoy the sunshine that only the Altopiano can offer ? In Busa Fonda, in the commune of Gallio, there is a rink with an olympic ring for long-blade speeding competitions.

Ice hockey is probably the national sport of the inhabitants of the Sette Comuni.
A harsh but loyal sport, extremely fast and with incredible front overturnings.
Hockey can kindle the flame of passion and arise that excitement that only few other team sports do.
The team of Asiago is definitely a very important name in national hockey.
For years the team has been at the top of the list in this discipline and was on the verge of winning the championship more than once by getting a second place twice after two magic seasons (in 1985-86 and in 1990-91) which concluded with the final for the title.
Very important goals have been reached not only by the primary team but also in the sector of young players, now one of the best teams of all of the national hockey scene.
And if all of this does not satisfy you, the Altopiano offers other exciting alternatives on the snow : horse riding along the 'malgas', or the thrill of following a sledge pulled by dogs in order to enjoy the typical atmospheres of the deep North.

Ciclismo For the unbearable stuffiness of the cities the "Altopiano" offers fresh mountain breezes with a myriad of activities and pleasures.
Summer trekking, mountain-biking or horse-riding excursions are activities which will bring you closer to Nature and to Freedom.
You could even find yourselves immersed in a dreamlike landscape playing golf at the Asiago Golf Club that offers you a wonderful 18-hole green.
But you may prefer gliding, para-gliding, archery, indoor and outdoor free-climbing, ice-skating, grass-skiing, martial arts, swimming, tennis and any other traditional sports in a gym or the outdoors.
Leave your worries and strees behind by enjoying all that the "Altopiano" offers, and dance away the nights at our nights-clubs or discos, and also enjoy our shows, concerts, or debates.