Estate The Altopiano of Asiago 7 Comuni is a happy place which, with its millenary tradition of the "Cimbri" people, promises entertainment, rest, cultural enrichment, and the possibility to rediscover the joy of living.
On the border of the Po Valley, it is easily accessible by highway and an efficient state and provincial road network.
Is also easily accessible from the North and is the best place to stay if you want to visit the whole of the "Veneto" region. Here you can find all that Italy offers: hills, mountains, seaside and lakes together with art, culture and history. The "Altopiano of Asiago 7 Comuni" daily has an everage of 9 hours of sunshine : this makes the people of the "Altopiano" more active and more serene.
Inverno The serenity is also felt by the many guests who come back year after year and who often choose this land as a "second home". Each season offers you both tranquillity and vivacity.
The land of the "Cimbri" is certainly the Mountain resort closest to your home.